Sarah Severns | Humanitarian Photographer

A Day in the Life. How it Works.

 A day in your life

Milk mustaches. Standing tip toed at the bathroom sink to brush her teeth. Sleepy morning eyes. Dance parties in the kitchen. Scraped chubby knees. The way he always lines up his toy cars, perfectly bumper to bumper. Undone piles of laundry and dishes in the sink. Slow walks to the park. Bubble baths and freshly washed babies.

These tiny collective moments make up your beautiful life.
These are the things remembered. Spoken about. Passed Down.

A “Day in the Life” session captures exactly that - your real life, and the story of YOU.


 How does it work?

Sessions are low pressure, and lots of fun. Don’t worry about who’s hair is done, and if the house is immaculate. Think of me as an old friend who stopped by for a coffee, and happened to take photos of the chaos around you. Sessions always start and end in your home, but often meander to wherever you normally go - the park, coffee shop, or school drop off. I’m an extension of you for the day!

I love this kind of thing - but I still need a picture for my Christmas card!

Don’t worry! While my focus is on documenting your family in a natural way, I always make time to hop out to the yard for some standard family snapshots. I think those are important too.

What if my kids don’t sit still?

I have two boys of my own and I totally get it! Kids aren’t meant to sit still, so I’ll be on the move documenting your life at the speed it moves!